Operacions amb decimals

multis cero

The history of St. Patrick’s Day

Dear students,

Click on the image to watch the video again! Let’s get ready to celebrate this popular Irish celebration next March 17th



Also you can click on the next image to listen to our St Patrick’s song and practice it at home.

st patricks

And to know a little more of this celebration play these games!

game-1-icon                                                                     game-2


See you on Monday! Enjoy the weekend! 😉


Big numbers!

Hello students!!

Click on the image to watch the video that we’ve watched today.


You can invent a number and check if you have written well using this calculator

And…. If you think you should practice how to write the numbers in English, click on the following image and do some exercises!



Present Simple

Hello 6th grade students!!

If you click on the image you will find a lot of exercises to practice Present Simple, I hope that you enjoy them!



Cooking actions

Check some cooking actions to add in your recipe. Click on the image to watch the video that we’ve watched in class. Have fun!!


Some or any?

This week we have learned when we use some / any. After reading this summary carefully, click on the image to practice!


Have fun and enjoy learning English! 😉